Insulation Piercing Connector

Insulation Piercing Connector

Product Description

Item No. CMF-10/10 CMF-10/10FVO
Main line section mm2 2.5-10
AWG 13-7
Branch line section mm2 1.5-10
AWG 16-7
current A 86
Bolt Quantity 1×M6
H (Nm) H10(8Nm)
Piercing depth mm 1.0-1.5


lt is used in the branching connections of flame-resistant(NH) or flameproof(ZR) cables in construction, tunnel, super living apartments, government and other important facilities and etc.

Main wire: Insulated copper or Aluminium

Branching wire: Insulated copper or Aluminium It is allowed to be operated under energization or deenergization

  • All parts provided with flameproof connector (passed test of 960℃ glowing wire)
  • The enclosure adopted the corrosion resistant, weather proof, ultraviolet resistant,high tensile insulation material.
  • The constant piercing torque nut can make installation more easy, safe and quick.
  • The piercing position and the ending cover of branching wire have high protection grade up to lP27, waterproof, withstand voltage under water up to 6kv.
  • The ending cover of branching wire can be placed at left or right.


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