Spiral Vibration Damper (BX Type)

Spiral Vibration Damper (BX Type)

Spiral vibration damper will be chosen in accordance to particular span and conductor requirements.

  • length can be customized
  • shape can be customzied according to insulator head
  • provide professional solution
  • Real products video https://youtu.be/fxEWY9ECKVM


Product Description

Spiral Vibration Damper (BX Type)

Description: PVC for covering conductors and connection top insulators for vertical mounting cross arms or pole top mounting insulators. When used with any plastic covered conductor, line angles can be adjusted up to 15°.

Material: PVC plastic single line/top tie is made of white PVC. The material has the advantages of UV resistance, tensile strength, impact strength, bending strength and self-extinguishing performance.

Standard: IEC

Below Link for your Video check 


Conductor diameter range (mm)
C Neck(Φ57mm) F Neck
K Neck
Min. Max.
BX-57-1016 BX-73-1016 BX-101-1016 7.52 10.16 660
BX-57-1372 BX-73-1372 BX-101-1372 10.19 13.72 660
BX-57-1854 BX-73-1854 BX-101-1854 13.74 18.54 710
BX-57-2337 BX-73-2337 BX-101-2337 18.57 23.37 785
BX-57-2794 BX-73-2794 BX-101-2794 23.39 27.94 865
BX-57-3302 BX-73-3302 BX-101-3302 27.97 33.02 965
BX-57-3810 BX-73-3810 BX-101-3810 33.05 38.1 760
Noted: it’s can be customized according to insulator head shape

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