Spiral Vibration Damper(FZB TYPE)

Spiral Vibration Damper(FZB TYPE)

Spiral vibration damper will be chosen in accordance to particular span and conductor requirements.

Product Description

Spiral Vibration Damper (FZB TYPE)

Spiral vibration dampers had been designed to manage excessive frequency Aeolian vibration of the transmission line, by using helically fashioned unique shape.One stop of helical damper that grips the conductor (gripping section) has smaller internal diameter than final phase of damper.That structure presents strength waste of the vibration wave.

Spiral dampers are encouraged to used with ADSS cable, naked conductors, and OPGW cables. They are less difficult in set up and furnish the top notch grip barring optical sign losses or detrimental of the fiber optic cable.The helical damper carried out for non-metaling materials.

Spiral vibration damper will be chosen in accordance to particular span and conductor requirements.


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Spec. Cable length (mm) FZB PVC (mm) Length
Grip length
FZB-6 4.40-6.30 12.8 1160 150-200 0.24
FZB-8 6.35-8.30 12.8 1240 170-220 0.26
FZB-11 8.30-11.70 12.8 1300 250-300 0.28
FZB-14 11.71-14.30 12.8 1350 250-300 0.3
FZB-16 14.31-19.30 15.8 1640 330-350 0.63
Noted: it’s can be customized according to insulator head shape


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